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With so little time left and so much to gain, we need to learn about how to prepare for the colossal climate challenges that are yet to come.

We hope our approach to public-private blended finance will inspire other multinational companies, development banks, and climate funds to invest in protective measures that ensure the climate resilience of their value chains and the global economy.

We also welcome pioneering, adaptation-focused SMEs to apply for funding from the LRF. We are especially keen to hear from SMEs working in developing countries on sustainable land management or products and services targeted at climate resilience.

Are you from a multinational company, public or philanthropic donor that is looking to invest?

Are you a pioneering, adaptation-focused SME and looking to apply for funding from the LRF?

    Potential Funders

      Candidates looking for funding

      We provide term loans to ambitious SMEs:
      – Committed to realising the sustainable development goals by growing their business and demonstrating leadership
      – Working closely with smallholder farmers or rural communities in developing countries (from least developed countries to emerging markets)
      – Committed to promoting climate-resilient agriculture, climate-smart livestock, and sustainable land management
      – Committed to support equal opportunities for women
      – Exhibiting strong revenue growth, evidenced by financial statements and a plausible financial model
      – Seeking debt funding of between $500,000 to $2,000,000 USD from the LRF, with a loan tenor of between 3 to 6 years
      – With a clear capability of repaying any LRF loan through existing or future profits

      If your business does not fit these requirements, unfortunately we will not be able to fund right now.

      However, if you are currently seeking other types of funding that currently sit outside the remit of the Landscape Resilience Fund (equity funding and/or higher ticket sizes and/or equity funding, for example), please still get in touch using the form below and we may be in contact in the future.

      Please ensure to include:
      – any details of what makes your product/service innovative
      – the main revenue stream for your business
      – how your business helps improve the climate resilience of vulnerable people and/or works with smallholders farmers

      We may need you to provide evidence for revenues generated over the last 1-3 years, totaling at least USD 100,000.

      Do you have any grievances, concerns or comments about LRF’s activities?

      All submissions are handled confidentially and can be anonymous.

      Contact us at and we will respond to submissions within 10 working days.