How it works

The Landscape Resilience Fund uses a blended finance approach, combining public, philanthropic, and private funding to create scalable ways to finance sustainable adaptation solutions.

We believe that this will be an effective way to galvanise leaders to take action on global climate change adaptation – and, more importantly, to close the adaptation finance gap. In fact, this approach earned the LRF a special recognition in the 2019 Global Environment Facility Challenge Program for Adaptation Innovation.

The LRF will fund selected SMEs and landscape activities in developing countries worldwide, including least developed countries (LDCs), where climate risks are particularly high.

The fund works across three funding pillars: strengthening an integrated landscape approach; delivering technical assistance for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) towards investment readiness; and providing concessional loans to SMEs.

By supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs that train local farmers and buy products from them, adaptation to climate change helps protect the most vulnerable people – and also makes good business sense. Adapting farming practices in developing countries will also improve the resilience of global food supply chains.

Are you an SME looking for pre-investment support? Download the LRF's pre-investement services factsheet to find out more.