ESG Guidelines

The Landscape Resilience Fund ESG Guidelines describe the approach and requirements of the Landscape Resilience Fund (LRF) for identifying, managing, and monitoring the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks of the activities it funds. Read more


The LRF has three guiding principles for gender and social inclusion, to promote equal and inclusive access, decision-making, participation, and well-being for the most vulnerable groups. Read more

Living Income

The LRF recognises the importance of empowering farmers and forest communities to earn sustainable livelihoods. Read more

Landscape Approach

The LRF has a dedicated funding window for sustainable landscape development, alongside windows for SME investments and technical assistance, and funds a range of landscape-level activities in its landscapes. Read more

Resilience Impact Framework

The Resilience and Impact Framework (RIF) determines how the Landscape Resilience Fund considers climate hazards and impacts facing tropical landscapes and smallholder farmers and assesses how supported SMEs and landscape programs can address these through adaptation solutions, while delivering co-benefits for mitigation, biodiversity, and gender. Read more

By investing in climate adaptation, LRF funders exhibit extraordinary leadership and help build climate resilience in high-risk landscapes.